Aman Foundation

Aman Foundation

Aman Foundation

  • Enterprise Firewall Security
  • Logging and Reporting Solution


The Aman foundation is a self-funded Non-for-Profitable organization operating in Pakistan with aiming to provide Educational, Health and Nutrition needs.

They have a unique equipped Ambulance service citywide that playing a major role in helping deserving people for quality first aid services during patient delivery to the Hospital.

The foundation’s one of the main objective to build capacity and helping growth of employable skills through accredited training, suitable for export markets.

Proposed Solution

A seven hundred users network has been protected with the Award winning FortinetFortigate Firewall solution that runs under HA Active / Active mode, A FortinetFortiAnalyzer reporting and Analysis tools meet their logging and reporting requirement.

Customer come under Syscon yearly support contract for three years.

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