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Increasing Cyber attacks in Pakistan.

Increasing Cyber attacks in Pakistan – 30th October 2021

A Cyber attack on National Bank of Pakistan has been detected which caused disruption in its services. In late hours of 29th and early morning of the 30th October Hackers have targeted a section of the computer system of NBP which may result in payment delays for thousands of public sector employees.

In year 2021 ever increasing Cyber attacks faced by government organizations like FBR and a yesterday’s NBP suffered from disruption in banking services due to cyber-attack, robust security solutions is absolutely essential for businesses in Pakistan.

Huge fines paid by businesses because of simple hack to their systems we have already heard many times, ransomware & phishing attacks can cause data breaches that result in the theft of information are often among the most dangerous cyber crime.

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IT Infrastructure with 10G backbone - AL HAJ FAW

“Al-Haj FAW Group of companies has awarded its IT Infrastructure project to Syscon Technologies, project consists of High speed 10Gig fault tolerant backbone network and high speed 1Gig user end connectivity.”

NGFW with High speed IT Infrastructure - KING CHEMICALS

Project for creating High speed network and CCTV IP based infrastructure at King Chemical Corporation’s new factory is at completion phase which includes Active and Passive Infrastructure switching, IP camera’s and NGFW.