Heimdal® protects your operational integrity by stopping even the most sophisticated cyberattacks from day one.

Combines vulnerability management, access management, Next-Generation antivirus and e-mail security into a single platform that simplifies IT operations and helps companies stop any cyberattack, keeping critical assets, information and intellectual property safe.

DarkLayer Guard™

Hunt, prevent, detect, and block threats with the most advanced DNS filtering tool using next-gen traffic telemetry. Spot even hidden threats using AI and log all your traffic. [...] Learn More

XTP (Extended Threat protection)

The Heimdal XTP engine empowers any digital estate with evidence based information about sophisticated cybersecurity risks, offering a holistic view of weaknesses [...] Learn More

VectorN Detection

Traffic-based detection of 2nd generation malware Uncovers hidden and dormant threats
Works proactively during every attack stage. [...] Learn More

Next-Generation Antivirus MDM

One license and one console - NGAV + XTP with MDM all unified for impeccable detection of sophisticated online threats such as ransomware and undetectable malware.[...]  Learn More

Ransomware Encryption Protection

REP’s impeccable Threat Intelligence makes it deadly effective even against unknown or unclassified ransomware. [...] Learn More

Email Fraud Prevention

Email Fraud Prevention scans and prevents email fraud by intercepting Inbound and Outbound communications, comparing them with pre-registered signatures[...] Learn More

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