Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention solutions are becoming more popular as businesses seek ways to reduce the risk of sensitive data leaking outside the organization. According to Gartner, 90% of organizations will have implemented at least one form of integrated DLP by 2021, up from 50% in 2017. A DLP solution is built on a number of core technologies that allow its engine to reliably detect the sensitive data that businesses need to protect and take corrective action to avoid incidents

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to technologies that perform both content inspection and contextual analysis of data sent via messaging applications like email and instant messaging, in motion over the network, in use on a managed endpoint device, and at rest in on-premises file servers or cloud applications and cloud storage. These solutions respond based on policies and rules defined to address the risk of unintended or accidental leaks or the exposure of sensitive data outside of authorized channels.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As mobile devices have become more common, employees are increasingly using them for work and personal purposes. They read emails, share files, access client information, use mobile applications (work and personal), and video chat with colleagues on their mobile phones and tablets.

While mobile devices increase employee productivity, they also pose a security risk. Mobile devices are vulnerable to a variety of security threats, including:

  • Wireless access points that are insecure or fraudulent
  • Email-based mobile phishing campaigns
  • Malicious software masquerading as legitimate software
  • Device and data theft

Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile threat detection (MTD) solutions provide security tools to ensure mobile endpoint protection and safeguard the networks and applications that they access.

What is MDM?

Mobile device management oversees the device’s fundamental security and enforcing of security policies. The following are some of the most important aspects of mobile device management:

  • Enforcing consistent security management policies on devices
  • Updating equipment, applications, functions, and policies
  • Monitoring equipment and application performance
  • Tracking equipment and status (e.g., location, status, ownership, and activity)
  • Providing device remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Remotely wiping files from a stolen or lost device
  • Auditing for regulatory compliance
  • Encrypting email and files
  • Creating separate and secured environments for work and personal device use

What is MTD?

Mobile threat detection products focus on network- and behavior-based threats.

An MTD solution, for example, can detect Wi-Fi man-in-the-middle attacks and identify suspect device behavior.

MTD is designed to detect malware, possibly dangerous mobile applications, and mobile phishing scams. It can also resolve problems in a variety of ways, including terminating a connection if one is detected. It can also resolve problems in a variety of ways, including terminating a connection if one is detected.

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