Businesses today face an increasing number of security threats, with corporate spies and thieves inventing new ways to infiltrate and steal valuable information to sell to industry competitors. With this in mind, we are developing security solutions to strengthen companies’ and businesses’ defenses against corporate espionage.

Digital Cameras

Digital CCTV technology has grown in popularity as a tool in the modern office and home. Once the benefits of CCTV have been realised, it is difficult to live without them as a deterrent to unwanted visitors or as a source of information.
We offer a variety of CCTV systems that are specifically designed to be effective in most office or residential settings, simple to install, and, most importantly, cost effective. We will walk you through the difficulties of connecting to the internet.

Network Camera

Network cameras, which use open IP standards, can connect to any type of IP network, including the Internet, and allow for remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also offer advanced video analytics features like motion detection, audio detection, and tampering detection.

Benefits: Runs on standard Ethernet networks:

  • There is no need for each camera to have its own specialized coax video cabling.
  • The ability to add and move cameras and other equipment; using Ethernet cabling allows you to add hubs, routers, switches, and other components to increase capacity.
  • Can take advantage of new Ethernet technologies as they emerge, such as wireless, broadband, VPN, power over Ethernet, and so on.
  • Capable of viewing images from any PC connected to a network or the internet (subject to communication links and security considerations).

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