These days, it’s vital that applications and data can be shared between offices and remote users; this kind of sharing is essential to increasing productivity and providing more flexible working arrangements for your people. In addition, if you want to maintain that ‘special’ relationship with your suppliers, business partners (and whoever else), you need remote access. We offer complete Site to Site VPN solution and remote Access VPN through Secured IPSEC and SSL (Client Less) using the integrated features of Fortigate Next Generation Firewall.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows organizations to securely connect multiple physical locations and users together using an untrusted public network, such as the Internet, as the primary transport medium. Moreover, mobile broadband, cable, and DSL providers have made notable increases in market penetration over the past decade, making access to high-bandwidth Internet connectivity almost ubiquitous.

VPNs provide high levels of security by encrypting data in transit to prevent unauthorized access. VPNs are generally divided into one of two high-level categories: site-to-site (also known as gateway-to-gateway) or remote access (also known as client-to-gateway or dialup). While the fundamental concept of providing an encrypted tunnel between two networked nodes remains constant in both categories, the implementation and technologies used to deliver the solution differ substantially.