Allowing unregulated or uncontrolled Smart Phones, Laptops or other mobile devices on the network massively increases the risk of data loss, theft and malicious manipulation. The potential implications to any business are significant and include reputation damage, brand image, loss of IP, prosecution etc. However, businesses that embrace mobility are already finding benefits in increased productivity, staff retention, business agility and work place flexibility. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept is relatively new, and starting such an initiative can be overwhelming and challenging.

Using Fortinet UTM with embedded Wireless conttoller bring enterprise UTM security to the WiFi BYOD Solution, we have technology and competence to lay Secured and centralized managed Wi-Fi coverage using an adequate range with cost affective access points. Having this kind of technology – carrier-grade Wi-Fi access points with centralized WiFi controllers- proves an argument to a fact that Wi-Fi can actually be used as an alternative to provide Ethernet cable connection to a customer.

We are forefront of wireless technologies for over 6 years and have consulted, designed, implemented and managed a broad spectrum of wireless technology solutions to many organizations. Syscon can help you start and deploy a safe and secure BYOD program.