The Company

Syscon is one of Pakistan’s leading IT Solutions Providers founded in 2004 with the capacity and experience for providing strategic technology solutions that achieves real business results in a diverse market  including Health, Telecommunications, Industrial, Education, Oil & Gas, and the Public Sector.

Quality of service, Honesty and reliability is our strength that has been acknowledge from various enterprises.

Our offered products are from the world’s renowned and ranked as Market leaders like Fortinet for Multi-Threat Network Security, Ruckus Wireless for unique EnterpriseWiFi Solution.

Forepoint for Next Generation Firewalls and Web and Email Gateway solutions, our other product range like EnGenius for competitiveWireless LAN for SMBs. Vivanco Germany for Structured Cabling Systems with gives us an unmatched complete copper, Fiber infrastructure and data center solution provider in the market.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the leading preferred provider of Information Technology solutions in the industry, ensuring our customers’ success in the ever-evolving world of information management.

Mission Statement

Happy & long-lasting relationship between customers; employees and company policies using the full potential of our team regardless of the background of our employees and customers. We:-

  • Focus on the market
  • Work Smart
  • Act like owners or the projects
  • Be the best

History of Syscon

In 2004 a group of young, talented and experienced senior professionals who had done very well in their careers in Fortune 500 companies decided that it was time to bring back their skill levels to Pakistan in the shape of an IT company with a tremendous and unique value proposition.
The same year some of the most respected senior professionals in corporate Pakistan leading the largest Audit and Tax Company in Pakistan decided to concentrate on a venture that would put the nation on the regional map for technology services.
From this perfect storm of circumstance Syscon was launched.
Syscon was created to bring skill sets, technologies, and methodologies back to Pakistan to activate technology dynamics in organizations in Pakistan. The company, with a vision to deliver the next generation of IT services in Pakistan and to inject into the Pakistan’s IT market unparalleled professionalism and integrity.